Cosmic Meditation Technique To Get Connected with the Universe

Laura Lewis on April 18, 2013 · 0 comments

Although this may not be the first choice for a beginner, it is still a valid method. A cosmic meditation is a meditation where one attempts to connect with the universe. This type of meditation might have someone imagining they are floating through the cosmos or traveling at the speed of light. They can be a very fun and eye-opening type of meditation that can help increase your awareness.

So just ensure you are warm and comfortable. I want you to now imagine that you are about to go on an amazing journey, a journey deep into your mind where you will work to gently prepare your mind and your body for an incredible relaxation experience.

Take a moment to relax and get comfortable, gently closing your eyes.  Just allow yourself to soften and let all the muscles of the body become loose and limp. Allow your breathing to settle into an easy, natural and rhythmical pattern. You have nothing to do and nowhere to go, so just relax and allow yourself to be at peace. Take a long slow, deep breathe in, holding it for just a moment, then letting it go.

In a moment I’m going to ask you to visualize certain things and as you do this you will find that you can double your relaxation with each and every number. I’d like you to begin by imagining yourself just floating up, as if you were in a hot air balloon, floating and drifting away. Now envision you are encountering a beautiful white light, this is the light of your higher self and this perfect part of your soul will protect you and guide you on our journey today.

So just let yourself relax and let go and drift and float, up into the sky. The higher you drift, the deeper you go into this peaceful and lovely relaxation. As you float, everything you have ever known is getting smaller and smaller, as you go deeper and deeper into this beautiful, calm relaxing feeling. You’re now floating up into the sky, and moving beyond the barrier of the planet as thoughts drift by like dreams. Everything feels quiet and peaceful and calm in this beautiful place. There is no rush and you are in no hurry, so just let yourself go.

You float up a little higher, into the cosmos as you finally land on a perfect little star. You can imagine now that you are floating on this beautiful star, just drifting and dreaming. Just allow your body to relax and soften as you sink deeper and deeper into this lovely relaxing feeling. This first star is the star in which you begin your journey, so just take some time to dream and float. You have no cares or concerns, up in this palace in the sky.

As you drift and dream and float, you notice other beautiful little stars and you wonder what it may be like to hop from star to star. It doesn’t even seem strange to you that you are envisioning hopping from star to star, for you have no barriers or preconceived notions here where thoughts become things. You approach the first star, and gently step out into the cosmos, and find yourself floating almost magically to this little star and you float into a beautifully colored area of the cosmos. So just envision what you see, and imagine a beautiful color, perhaps this color represents your problem today. You decide on the best way to proceed, and then take your strengths you have gathered, as decide to hop to another star.

So imagine another color, whatever you like. This next little star represents your desire to overcome your problem, and you know that you will, for you are a very determined person.

You take this conviction with you to another star, as you float and drift and dream. You jump onto this beautiful little star, and find an even lovelier space, a space filled with the color of hope and optimism and you can feel this hope and optimism becoming a part of you as you make your way over to the next lovely little star. As you drift to the next little star, you realize this star feels wonderfully calm and relaxing and its color represents abundance and growth as you feel yourself drifting deeper still. You take this newfound sense of promise with you to the next star, as you continue to float and drift and dream.

Now imagine any color you like in this beautiful space, and bring this will and this determination to succeed with you to the next star. The color in this star represents your strength, and you feel your strength growing as you make your way to the very last star, and the color on this star represents a sense of peace and serenity, as you drift deeper and deeper into this beautiful sense of serenity and total relaxation.

You continue to float and drift and dream, in this higher plane of consciousness, even more aware of your higher mind that you were when you started this incredible journey and your mind is now open and receptive whilst in this deep state of relaxation.

Just continue drifting and dreaming as long as you like.